Social Media Is a Win-Win

The Web provides users with the ability to research brands, companies and people. Social media enables users to interact with these brands, companies and people. For companies, it makes sense to use social media, because it’s an easy way to observe and interact with your audience. It’s effective too. Many companies have discovered the value of social media, and there are plenty of success stories out there.

For companies, the real “win” here is that social media is a relatively inexpensive way to make this connection with an audience. I won’t be the first to remind you about the state of the economy in 2009. To stay afloat in these tough economic times, many companies cut back their advertising budgets, keeping them out of traditional mainstream media. And compared to traditional media, the price of social media is really attractive.

Now, more than ever is the time to get started on social media. Not just because the competition is doing it, but because it is an effective and economical marketing tool.

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