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New Work

Anna Forbes

Anna Forbes

A marketing maestro, Anna guides the planning, execution and management for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.

Props to our creative team for some recent work on American Insurance branding to be used on the new Web site.

American Insurance Ad
our rates are quite neighborly

The challenge with American Insurance revolves around today’s highly competitive insurance market, which is dominated by large national players with deep pockets for advertising spending. With those budgets they have created misperceptions among consumers that they are the lowest-priced, highest service options available for consumers. Online competitors, with misleading instant quotes are further polluting the competitive landscape and confusing consumers.

Independent agencies like American have depended more on the brands of their carriers. To effectively cross-sell and up-sell insurance products, they must build their own distinct brand identity, so consumers know to depend on, and to refer friends and family to American Insurance.

The general lack of understanding consumers have about this complicated industry makes them susceptible to the online and national advertiser messages.  The creative team was charged with creating a brand that differentiates American and cuts through this clutter with honest, sincere messages to build the brand and educate the consumer at the same time.

So the positioning revolves around American Insurance being the neighborhood insurance company that can offer the best rates on all types of insurance. Let us know what you think!

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