Meet Our New Junior Account Executive, Steve

Steve jumps into the bay

My name is Steve – a.k.a. “Scoobs” (short for ScubaSteve) if you know me well and “Unca Stiv” if I’m your uncle. I’m ecstatic to be joining The Cyphers Agency as a Junior Account Executive.

I explored the complex world of media and politics and escaped to my family farm as often as possible as an undergrad at Union College, where I received a BA in Political Science. I was trained in the art and science of media analysis at Iowa State, where I wrote a weekly political column for the Iowa State Daily and earned my MS in Journalism and Mass Communication.

I followed up my educational endeavors with three years as a media researcher at The Pew Research Center, in DC, then traded the hours-long commute that entailed for an overnight media analysis position on a government contract for the VA and most recently a marketing specialist (aka email expert) role at the Entomological Society of America (yes, the boating capital of the world is also home to the world’s largest professional society of insect scientists).

After these work experiences, I’m very happy to have found a role that not only allows me to make the most of my writing skills, marketing expertise and creativity but also requires constant contact with diverse clients with diverse goals. Just as importantly, I’m also ecstatic to be joining a team of unique, easy-to-talk-to professionals who have welcomed me with open arms.

Outside of the agency – which happens to be within a mile of my condo – you can find me spending time with my awesome family and amazing girlfriend, staying active at the gym, on my paddleboard, or hiking, or catching up on the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

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