A Marketing Campaign with a Secret Weapon that Perfects Every Pour

You’re sitting at the bar waiting for your beer and the bartender keeps pouring foam after foam, dumping it out, trying again… wasting beer, and making you wait. That’s because the line is full of air and gas. But when a FOB, foam on beer, is installed and the keg empties, the beer flow is stopped immediately and the line remains full of beer, instead of filling with foam.

All FOBs are not created equal and that was our main message in the marketing campaign we created for AC Beverage. AC Beverage is a draft beer system design, installation and service company that is an exclusive US distributor of the Core FOB, a Foam on Beer detector that is better than competing models.


The marketing campaign included the development of a sales message, creative concept, foundation campaign tools, and full outreach plan. The campaign aimed to increase sales for the Core FOB by building brand awareness and loyalty through clear communication of benefits over competitors.

The Core FOB is positioned as a secret weapon. Each beer installer will receive a cover letter and sample product that is mailed in a locked case. The cover letter includes the combination for the briefcase and inside, the key benefits were displayed around the sample Core FOB. The special package with the sample will reach 150 CEOs of top beer system installers nationwide. Sending this sample product will make an impact on the beer system installers since they will be able to see the quality of the product. We also created a microsite that explained the benefits in more detail.

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