Growing Appointments for Medical Practices, Even During the Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many medical practices are facing a precipitous drop in appointments for regular care and optional services. Many people are concerned to visit due to an outsized fear of infection while some don’t think the offices are open for regular care. The best way to combat this fear and confusion is by communicating regularly with your existing patient pool. Let your patient know your medical practices are available for virtual and in-person appointments at every opportunity.

#1 Tip: Clear Communication Cuts Fear of Making Appointments

By explaining the procedures your medical practice has put into place to reduce the chance that someone could catch a virus during an appointment, you will reduce fear. Communicate your COVID-19 plan in all the ways you reach your patients, from signs in your office to phone and email notices, social media posts, and notices on your website. Add a post to your Google Business listing as well. Google Business offers a COVID-19 update post type that remains at the top of your listing to inform your patients.

Add a Google Business COVID-19 update post to your listing. (This will show up in Google search results for your practice’s location.)

#2 Tip: Focus on Marketing

The natural tendency during a downturn in business is to cut expenses. While this makes sense on the basis of a number, it doesn’t make sense when considering the potential of marketing to help turn around a downturn. If you haven’t utilized advertising on social media at this point, investigate how it allows you to target a specific area and age group of potential new customers at a relatively low cost.

#3 Tip: Tap into a Renewed Interest in Health

Many patients have developed a greater interest in health-related topics during the pandemic. By focusing on staying healthy, they seek to learn how to improve their health and lessen their risk of getting sick. You can provide education on how to they can become healthier in your marketing to catch their interest. You can send a monthly e-newsletter focused on a health topic and share information on social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Use your office waiting room screens to run educational promos about virus prevention. This education helps put patients at ease and helps encourage them to continue with their self-care during the pandemic.

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