How Seasonal Design in Marketing can Boost Sales for Restaurants

The Starbucks red cup season. A simple period that drives consumers towards the glass doors and crowded drive throughs. Each year the public looks forward to the holiday season at Starbucks eagerly waiting for the flurry of staple holiday drinks.

Embracing seasonality in your restaurant is a fantastic way to boost your restaurants profits, bring in new customers, and loyal familiar faces.

This can easily be achieved with a few tactics.

A Seasonal Menu

Whether it’s a completely revamped menu or just a few special dishes added, a seasonal menu is an ideal way to embed seasonality in your marketing. A new holiday inspired menu insert with a few seasonal items can draw attention to something new the customer has never seen before. People enjoy the thought of experiencing something limited. Something refreshing and healthier, because it is in season. This sense of novelty appeals to consumers. This appeals to regulars already familiar with the menu. It’s something shiny and new. Loyal guests will flock towards limited-time offerings and new guests will be inspired by the seasonal connection.

Restaurant Décor

Decorate your space accordingly. Environmental surroundings appeal to people, especially those already with the mindset to order holiday specials. Appeal to the audience by creating an emotional space. Embed the design of your seasonal menu into the aesthetics of your décor. It will give the space a nice refresh and create an inviting environment.

Social Media

Advertise and post seasonal content. Broadcast your new menu. Whilst “in season,” posting featured photos of these new specialties will drive attention to your temporary changes. Engage with followers and consumers revolving around these new seasonal changes. Invest time in designing email campaigns announcing these specialties and create an incentive to join.

Well thought Design

Overall, make sure all aspects of your seasonal design and marketing strategy are cohesive. From physical, to digital, these separate pieces must all tie into one another. The holidays are a warm and welcoming time for most and it’s important to captivate these emotions. Family gatherings are correspondent to calendar holidays and seasons; thus, they are a huge demographic to tap into for these promotions. Make sure there is an overall theme and design to your strategy without losing sight of your brand identity.

No matter how you choose to add seasonality to your restaurant, the more thought you put into planning it, the more your guests will enjoy themselves. Through seasonal marketing, you can bring back loyal customers, and inspire new guests.

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