Marketing Tips for Adding a new Location to your Medical Practice

Adding a new location to your medical practice is a great way to grow your business and increase revenue. It allows your medical practice to offer or specialize in different services, attract more patients and increase brand awareness. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to use before you get started. 

Adding a new location to your medical practice

Maintain consistent branding 

Before you spread the word about your new medical practice location, make sure your branding is consistent. Your new location is an extension of your medical practice and a representation of your brand – it should convey the same feelings to patients across all locations. Learn more about the importance of physician branding in the healthcare market in our recent blog post.

Identify your new audience

A new medical practice location often results in a different type of audience and patient demographics (age, gender, race, occupation, etc.). It’s important to understand the area you’re moving to so you can determine how to best serve people in the community.

  • Research the demographics of community members to determine what their medical needs will be.
  • Check online reviews of nearby medical practices to see what is lacking in the area so your practice can meet those needs. 

Create a strong online presence

recent study found that 77% of people consider trustworthiness when finding a new doctor. A strong online presence of your medical practice helps build trust with potential patients before they make an appointment or speak with your staff. 

  • List the new practice location in local listings such as Google, Bing and Yelp. 
  • Ensure your listings include accurate information so people can easily find and contact your practice.
  • Use Search Engine Optimization to rank for relevant keywords and appear in the results of user’s online search queries. 

Spread the word

Once you determine the needs of your new audience, consider ways to make the announcement of your opening newsworthy and valuable to members of the community. A good public relations strategy will help spread the word to the community. 

  • Send out a press release about the opening of your new location. 
  • Host an open house event to encourage community members to learn more about your practice and meet your staff.
  • Mail postcards and send out emails to current patients announcing the new location so they can refer people they know in the area to your new practice. 

By following these tips and carefully planning the opening of your new medical practice location, your business will experience positive growth.

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