Marketing and Design Tips for Hospice Care Organizations 

Marketing and designing advertisements for certain health industries, namely hospice care, requires a unique approach due to the sensitive nature of the overall content and topics being addressed to an audience that is preparing for the loss of a loved one. A few ways to properly plan for this type of marketing includes developing a true understanding of your target market, the patient and their families, using calming design elements in your deliverables, and utilizing testimonials to paint the picture of what type of patient/family and caregiver relationships potential clients can expect along their journey.  

Understand Your Audience 

The target audience consists of both patients and their loved ones; however, understanding the way this audience makes decisions for this type of healthcare is very important when developing a marketing strategy. For example, patient’s family members are usually the ones researching hospice care service providers when their loved ones are facing a serious, life-limiting illness. Therefore, tailoring your messaging to that audience seeking the most compassionate, full-service care for someone they love so dearly is key when creating advertisements that will resonate and generate inquiries and ultimately business for the care organization. 

Use Calming Design Elements 

When designing creative concepts and final ad build outs for a hospice care marketing campaign, the sensitivity to those preparing to lose a loved one must be a top priority in the strategy. Whether the ad is a still image, video, audio ad, etc. – the elements used should include soft, uplifting language and visuals, as well as voiceover and sound beds that are calming in nature since the goal is to have this specific audience immediately feel a true sense of comfort when making such difficult decisions. Here is an example video ad from our client, Hospice of the Chesapeake: 

Utilize Client Testimonials 
Understanding the relationship that develops between patients and their loved ones with caregivers is another component to consider when creating and executing a successful hospice marketing plan. These connections typically last longer than other nurse/physician relationships with clients because the journey with illness and loss is a much deeper process for patients and their families. Most hospice organizations offer many services beyond end-of-life care including different types of emotional support for the patient and grief care services for the family. Therefore, utilizing current or past client testimonials within advertisements, whether they are talking-head style video interviews or simple written quotes, are more likely to make a larger impact on family members that are also care service decision makers impacted by the different stages of serious illness. 
If you would like help with marketing and advertising, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies. 

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