It’s That Time Again…Quotes!

The ability to laugh at one’s self is one of the most endearing qualities a person can possess.  Thankfully, all of us here at The Cyphers Agency possess it.

This quality is also probably the sole reason we’re able to share our silliness with you so regularly.  So here we go with this week’s dose.  It’s QUOTES time again!

– I have to say, I’m nauseous after all that banjo-ing.

– Leprosy is no joke.

– We have big spoons and I hate them. That’s just me. I’m a little spoon kind of person.

– I don’t know what it is, but when I’m having a bad day if I have something wrapped around my head it  just makes me feel better.

– She gave me the disease of the 12 monkeys!

– There’s gonna be lots of Vitamin C in my evening.

– Is that a bunny in a bowtie?

– There’s nothing cuter than a baby with a mustache.

– You might want to go to the doctor and see if your soul is still there.

– I could have just told you with my mouth.

– Half of the Ravens have murdered somebody.

– I like that you’re…you know, hunty.

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