How AI Can Transform Community Management for Your Institution

As many industries now realize, artificial intelligence (AI) can help improve many functions of business and community management is no exception.  AI can redefine community engagement and moderation by providing personalized experiences, automating repetitive tasks, and offering unique insights.   

Let’s talk about how it can be useful, specifically for educational institutions, when performing community management functions, and what to consider when thinking about how to incorporate AI into your educational institute’s strategy. 

1. Enhanced Communication Channels 

AI-powered chatbots and “virtual assistants” have already been in place for many businesses across industries, but the increasing improvement of AI’s learning through data processing can provide better understanding of tone, emotion, and accuracy. These tools are available 24/7, ensuring that communication is consistent and timely. For instance, prospective students can ask about school events or administrative procedures, and receive instant, accurate information. We have already seen these functions introduced in Facebook’s Groups when monitoring activity for our clients’ student/faculty communities.  

A breakdown of Facebook’s AI tool, Admin Assist, that can be customized to your organization’s community management needs (i.e. member approvals, post approvals, or publishing posts as the Group’s admin).

2. Personalized Learning Experiences 

AI can analyze student data in a fraction of the time it would take humans alone and use that data to create personalized learning plans. By understanding each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences, AI can recommend resources and activities tailored to individual needs. This not only boosts academic performance but also helps students feel valued and connected to the community.  

3. Efficient Administrative Processes 

Administrative tasks such as enrollment, attendance tracking, and scheduling can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With the power of AI, institutions can automate these processes, reducing the burden on staff and minimizing the risk of mistakes. For example, AI can automatically update attendance records, send reminders for upcoming events or deadlines, and generate reports. Less time spent on tedious tasks means more time allowed for strategic initiatives! 

4. Sentiment Identification 

When filtering through tens or hundreds of comments, AI can assist in identifying which comments are most urgent through sentiment tagging. Social media platform, Sprout Social, has slowly started to roll out this feature and even marks comments that could be “High Brand Risk.” Through the sentiment categorization of these comments, brands can easily and more efficiently understand how their community feels about the organization.  

Examples of “Neutral”, “Positive” and “Negative” sentiment tags on Sprout Social. You’ll also notice other tags based off those sentiments.

The Big “But” 

While AI can improve many aspects of community management, there is also a lot of oversight and handholding needed by humans. There’s always a flip side. For example, while AI can help foster a more personalized approach, an overreliance on this tool can also result in a less empathetic environment without a human element.  

Tread lightly, perform regular audits, and ensure there are proper training sessions for those working with the machines.  

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