To Podcast or Not to Podcast

Podcasts have been all the rage for quite some time. But like many marketing tools, they are a double-edged sword for most brands. Used properly they can create a ton of value for your brand, done poorly they can waste a lot of time and damage your reputation. If you’ve been considering podcast marketing, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Benefits of Podcast Marketing


  • Easy & Cost Effective – It’s really just not all that complicated from a technology standpoint and developing podcasts doesn’t take a ton of budget.
  • Unique Way to Present Content – If you have a lot of content you want to share and it’s long form (like even your blog posts are getting painfully long), podcasts are a great way to leverage that content.
  • Great Integration Point – Podcasts can be leveraged in so many ways. On social media, on your website, in public relations outreach, to name just a few.
  • Build Your Brand’s Network – what a great excuse to reach out and connect with partners and even potential customers for interviews, guest appearances and pre/post episode cross-promotion.
  • Subscribable Content – (yeah we just made up a word) Just like a blog, vlog or social media platforms, podcasts lend themselves to ongoing content that keeps your audience coming back for more.

How Do I Know if I Should start a podcast or not?

  1. Are you doing it for the right reasons?

It’s easy to get caught up in the success of others and assume your brand’s podcast will flourish overnight. The fact is that even if you do it right, it will take time to grow organically. So if you’re starting a podcast thinking of how it’ll be an overnight success that’ll magically create a ton of leads – don’t do it. If you’re looking to build your brand over time and engage your audience using relevant content – proceed!

  1. Do you have quality content?

Not just one or two episodes, do you have your first 10+ episodes? And not just a title or topic. Your brand should have a series of well thought out topics that you know you can build out with rich content that your target audience actually cares about.

  1. Do you have the talent to do it well?

Okay, so you’re doing it for the right reasons. Check. You’ve got great content that your audience will love. Check. Now consider if you have the talent in place to properly execute your wonderfully planned strategic content. If not, the good news is, that’s not a deal-breaker. If your team isn’t comfortable or naturally talented at this type of thing,  you may just need to do a bit more planning on who you can use, who you can train, and whether you need to bring in someone else for this effort.

So there you have it! The basics of getting into the podcast game. If you’re looking for more info on starting up a podcast or revamping your current podcast plan, give us a shout and keep an eye out for more podcast-focused blogs!

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