Getting Your Franchisees to Follow Your Franchise Style Guide

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When running a business with multiple franchises, getting all of the franchisees to follow your brand style guide, in the same way, can be challenging. Your sales team needs to explain the benefits of having a consistent brand for customers and franchise owners. Training is key to getting franchise owners to follow the style guide.

What is a Franchise Style Guide and Why Do You Need One?

Your franchise style guide defines and shows how your franchise should be presented in signage, print advertising, menus, internet, social media, and broadcast media.

Unifying Your Brand with Easy-to-Follow Templates

Make it easy for your franchisees to follow the style guide. Offer examples of how to present their franchise location in various media so that it’s a simple matter of cut and paste to set up their materials.

Cooling system event flyer for franchisees
A flyer created for Precision Tune franchise owners that explained the various promotional programs for the season.

Provide company brand elements in several formats so, for instance, your logo can look its best in print, or on the web. Explain in the guidelines where it’s best to use the different file formats. Marketing templates should be provided for elements commonly-used in your franchise such as signage, flyers or social media posts.

Having a franchise-style guide available is important but training is the key to getting franchisees to use it. Your sales team should offer training on how to use the guide to the franchisees on a regular basis. Provide franchisees with easy-to-use templates and information that explains how to use them and update this with new promotions. This will help build brand recognition and most importantly, help grow sales.

promotional poster for franchisees
1st Quarter Promotions Poster

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