Four Reasons Why You Should Use a Social Media Management Tool

If your business is among the 90-96% of companies leveraging social media to communicate with your customers, then you know the struggles of keeping the numerous platforms and channels organized. When it comes to social media and managing the platforms, a management tool is an effective way to keep everything straight. Therefore, rather than natively scheduling, posting, monitoring, engaging, etc. on each platform or channel, using a social media management tool can do it all for your business.

Social media management tools offer a complete suite of features and tools that can save you time since you can do everything on one platform. Along with saving your business time, let’s look at four other reasons why your business should utilize a social media management tool.

1. Manage Multiple Social Accounts

A management tool allows you to connect your social media platforms to one spot. These tools allow you to easily access all your scheduled posts, published posts, interactions, mentions, etc., making it so you rarely need to leave the management tool platform to access your business’ social media accounts.

2. Schedule Posts

Posting natively to each and every social media channel can be quite time-consuming. A management tool allows you to schedule all your content to your connected platforms ahead of time. While using this feature, days and times are suggested for when to publish your content. This is useful in optimizing posts and bringing your social media marketing plan to life.

3. Reporting/Analyzing Social Performance

A social media marketing strategy takes a lot of testing to see if your messaging is reaching the right audience at the right time. A management tool helps to analyze the performance of your social media channels. Within this feature, you can evaluate which posts perform the best, the best time to post, and how your audience is interacting with your messaging. All of this allows you to assess your social media marketing plan and see whether you need to make changes to it or create a new plan and direction for your business.

4. Social Listening

If social listening isn’t already part of your marketing strategy, then a management tool can easily make it happen. The social listening feature on many of the management tools allows you to monitor and analyze conversations around your brand and industry online. Being able to see what people are talking about around your brand, industry, products and/or services you offer helps to drive your marketing plan, create new campaigns, and improve your messaging.

A social media management tool can be a huge advantage to your business and marketing strategy. Being able to access analytics, measure the success of the business’ content, monitor conversations, and schedule posts ahead of time is a game changer for your entire marketing team and business. While there are many social media management tools available, The Cyphers Agency can work with you to figure out which one is best for your business based on your marketing needs.

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