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We finally have some pics of the summer party.  I know it’s a little late but the only waterproof camera we had was NOT digital so we had to do things the old fashioned way.  Remember when you had to develop rolls of film?  Weird huh?

Anyway, here they are.

First up, we have the gang waiting in line to get in the water.  Lucas is looking particularly happy.  Probably because he got that green tube he wanted so badly!


Dave was the first one in the water – which was very cold at the entry point.  Our fearless leader!


Darren and Paul getting in the water.


The suit (Sarah) and the creative (Paul) getting along.  There is hope in this world!


Me…looking quite uncomfortable about being photographed.


The beautiful scenery…


This is some of the gang in a nice little cluster, floating together.  Jess is the one in the red tube closest to the camera and I’m waving like a dork. 


You’ll notice Christina isn’t in any of the pics because she was taking them all!  A big thanks to Christina for being our photographer for the day.

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