Integrated Email and Social Media Marketing for Elective Medical Practices

Email marketing, including promotional emails and e-newsletters, is an important aspect of a thorough marketing plan. Our favorite part about it – the content created doesn’t need to be limited to just emails, as it can be converted into social media posts that tie together your overall message. Let’s look at specific applications for integrating your email and social media content.

Current Offers and Promotions

One of the most obvious things to promote in both email blasts and social media is your elective medical practice’s current offers. Whether it’s a new deal on a specific procedure or price reductions that could drive more patients to schedule appointments, an email blast is the easiest way to make your current clients aware of these special offers. Whereas, using social media will allow prospective clients to learn about the promotions your practice is offering. Keep in mind, that current offers and promotions are always interesting to consumers around major holidays, so use that fact to your advantage when planning your email blasts and campaigns on social media!

O'Donnell Vein and Medical Spa email marketing example showing a person hiding behind a pool float with "Don't hide from summer" displayed above.

Technique Features

Does your elective medical practice offer a new procedure, or do you have a new piece of equipment that will increase the quality of your service? Both are great pieces of information to structure an email around. Also, sharing this information on your social channels is another great way to boost awareness of any new and updated features. Social media channels like Facebook makes it easy for users to share the practice’s updates with their friends through post shares or tags.

Office News

New hires, company enrichment, employee spotlights, and the like all help convey your company culture and give a “behind the scenes” look at your practice. New and current patients will feel connected to who they are receiving care from, making them more comfortable with their visit. It’s also an opportunity to share information about open positions, office holiday closures, and even open appointment slots.

Blog Post Promotion

Blog posts are not only information and SEO opportunities, but they make great additions to email as well. Want to share a more in-depth look at a new service? A blog post is the way to go! Be sure to bring those links over to your social channels to increase web traffic and awareness of your practice’s offers.

When you start mapping out your email marketing strategy, you’ll find that a lot of your email components would be beneficial to share on social media. It’s important to keep the integration of your marketing channels top of mind so that you aren’t missing opportunities for connection.

If you would like help with marketing and advertising, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies.

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