Effective ways to use Popups on your website

A great way to grab your audience’s attention is to use popups. We use them for multiple reasons. For example, grabbing your attention for events, important information, and general announcements. Here are a few effective ways to use popups on your website.

There are multiple reasons to use popups on your website, here are a few examples.

Informational Awareness

One use for popups is to drive traffic toward a trade association’s informational campaign. For example, The Cyphers Agency added a popup to the Grain Foods Foundation website that can direct the viewer to their So Happy Together landing page. So Happy Together is a campaign to educate the public on simple ways to create your own grain Super Foods or Super Meals.

Grain Foods Foundation popup


Another great way to use popups is to promote upcoming events. Recently, for the trade association SNAC, we created a popup to drive registration for SNAXPO23 “SNAX to the MAX.” We used the popup to create awareness and direct potential exhibitors and visitors to the SNAXPO landing page/microsite. This was just one component that enabled us to reach our attendance goals for the trade show.
SNAC-SNAXPO-Trade Show event popup

Community Events

If you have a neighborhood site, try using popups to promote community events. Yard sales, community cleanups, and pool parties are perfect candidates for popups.

Effective popup event announcement


Other effective ways to use popups is to use them to present important information. COVID response messages were ubiquitous throughout the middle of the pandemic. Informing the public has the potential to save lives and keep people safe.

Rules on the web are changing as fast as technology. “Manage Cookies” popups can be annoying, but this can be minimized with proper design. A small floating popup or footer notification can work. You should always comply with privacy requirements and laws. Link the popup to a 3rd party cookie manager and your privacy policy. This lets the public know you care about their privacy concerns and wishes.

Great places for these notifications are in the footer, header, or inline with the page. A possible inline placement is below the menu with the option to close it out. Try to avoid blocking the entire screen unless needed. This can stop the flow of the user experience and can irritate your viewer when they land on your site.


A recommended treatment for popups is non-intrusive yet hard to miss. Do your best to find that balance to avoid annoying your site’s visitors. Stick to the company’s branding when designing a popup. Use colors that “pop” and bold contrast, but make it still feel like it belongs on the site. Mostly use your organization’s colors and fonts. Make it a pleasant moment. Make it fun!

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