The Cyphers Agency’s Favorite Apps and Websites

Without technology- more specifically our favorite apps and websites- our jobs would be harder and we would be bored. Here’s a peek into some of our team members’ favorites!

Bri is the travel enthusiast in the office so her two favorite apps make total sense.

App: Instagram & VSCO – I like to travel so these are the perfect platforms to display the pictures I take of my different adventures.”

Darren is the king of creative at the Cyphers Agency, and his favorites are something any budding creative director should look into!  

“App: IFTTT (If this then that) – It is a very cool synergy between apps and platforms. Polarr is the best photo editor that handshakes well between iOS and MacOS. FAR better than the crappy packaged filters in apps the commoners use.

Web Site: – Duh! The best and most strategic creative in the business and provides business content for those that use both sides of their brains.”

Anna is the woman who does all the things, all the time. Her favorite app is one a couple of us in the office should get on board with!

“APP: My White Noise – It is a life saver. Sometimes I’m at work and I need to really focus up and block out the distractions so I’ll plug in and listen to the ocean.

Website: Refinery29 – I just love the way the R29’s content team puts things together. They cover a TON of topics, have great on-site articles and customizable emails you can sign up for by topic. “

Danielle is our social butterfly, so it’s no surprise that her favorite app is one that makes communicating with friends even easier!

“App: Marco Polo – I like it because it lets me stay in touch with friends by video vs. having to type long text messages.

Web Site: Amazon – Does it truly need any other explanation than they are awesome, have everything and super convenient? “

 B loves everything pink, adorable and puppy related, so it’s no shock to us that her favorites facilitate those obsessions. 

“App: Instagram – I love this app because it allows me to look at cute pictures and videos of puppies whenever I need a smile.

Website: Pinterest – I go on there for interior decorating ideas, fun DIY crafts, yummy recipes or quotes to get me through the day.”

Steve, the endorphin junkie likes to share his latest adventures with all of his followers.

“App: Instagram – I like to show people when I’m paddle boarding or at my farm and see endless pictures of national parks and animals and tractors and 4Runners.

And Spotify – I can’t work out without my jams.”

Lissy is always on the go, whether she’s out walking her adorable dogs or heading up to Baltimore. Her favorite app and website are lifesavers!

“App: Spotify – I love listening to music so I turn it on whenever I’m doing anything, working out – working – driving – cooking – showering – anything.

Website: Weather Channel …. don’t judge! – I like do a lot of outdoor things with my dogs so I’m always checking the weather to help plan what we can do.”

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