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CSS Should Stand for “Cool Sweet Stuff”

Last week, I came across a post on (a favorite site of mine) about 15 Examples of Modern Web Design. Yes, these are all cool looking and provide visual stimulation, but they go beyond just looking sweet. Check ’em out.

Web technology is expanding exponentially in so many ways, and we should embrace it, especially if it makes life a little bit easier. And that is what modern web design is about. Things like Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, are enabling web designers the ability to create amazing works of art while still enhancing functionality and site efficiency.

And although CSS and other web technologies aren’t necessarily new, they continue to update and change for the better, allowing increased usability. Their usage continues to enhance design and functionality, two things that go hand. And yes, while the sites above are artistic and beautiful, they are more than just pretty. They connect function with identity, which is just good design.

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