A Campaign Introducing Americans to a Digital Radiography Revolution

A Campaign Introducing Americans to a Digital Radiography Revolution

Virtually everyone’s heard of Samsung, the global powerhouse of a company that’s led the world in digital technology since its founding in 1938. But not everyone knows that Samsung recently set its sights on becoming one of the top medical equipment manufacturers in the world. And that’s where we come in.

Inspired by the Omnibus Bill – legislation that, among many other things, cuts insurance reimbursement payments made to hospitals and doctor’s offices that do not upgrade from computed to digital radiography X-ray – Samsung’s exclusive U.S. partner for healthcare imaging equipment, Samsung MID, tasked us with creating a campaign to support its nationwide sales efforts.

Reflecting a sense of urgency that aims to draw key decision-makers’ attention and lead them to learn more about Samsung’s diverse line of digital radiology products, the campaign concept is now featured on the Samsung MID website, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, email newsletter, and a two-page flyer that the MID sales team is spreading throughout the nation.



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