Advertising Questions of the Week

Advertising Questions of the Week

I’m starting a new feature  called the advertising question of the week. Each week we will post a question about advertising and answer it. 

The first question is “What is Rick-Rolling?” Just kidding, I think we all know what that is by now. Anyway, the real question is “What is a wild posting?”

A wild posting is a series of posters advertising a product that is attached en masse to a building or wall to create visual impact. This is a useful guerrilla marketing technique to get the word out quickly on a product, event, or special sale. There are designated areas for wild posting in major cities. Here is a recent wild posting we did for Appalachian Spring to advertise their holiday campaign at

Wild Posting

Posters can be attached to construction site barricades, building fronts, or alleyways. Wild postings are an inexpensive format that quickly targets your customer’s demographic. Wild postings can be used on their own or as part of a mix of outdoor advertising to take over an area.

Wild Mural Ad Posting

Do you have a product or service that you think would be right for wild posting? Give us a call at 888.412.7469 and talk to us about it. Visit our website for more information about The Cyphers Agency.

Send your questions about advertising to me and I’ll dig up the answer for you! Look for another next advertising question next week.

Click here to read more of our advertising questions of the week.


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