Hey Kayla!

Meet one of our extremely talent Account Executives, Kayla Twain!

Hey, Kayla! Hey, B!

What’s your biggest email pet peeve? I would say when people do not ‘reply all’ to the email.

That’s a good one!

What’s your favorite flower? Tiger lily.


What’s your most used emoji? This one…

Me too.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure? Any and all Bravo reality television shows.


Hey, Kayla! Hey, B!

What is the best work advice you’ve ever received? Demand what you deserve.

Very nice!

Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts? I can’t pick. I would say I’m an equal opportunity coffee drinker.

Good answer!

Who are you closest to? My fiancee, Chris.


Hey, Kayla! Hey, B!

What is your dream client? Taco Bell.


What is your favorite holiday to celebrate? Definitely Christmas because I’m a present brat.

‘Tis the season!

What are you looking forward to? My wedding!

Congratulations! Thank you!

Okay, bye! Bye!

Stay tuned for more Hey! videos to get to know our team and our other Account Executives.

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