A Day in the Life of a Social Media Strategist

When I tell people that I am a social media marketer for a living, most people reply with, “So you get paid to sit on Facebook all day?” And I always respond with, “Yes, but there is way more to it than that.” If you, like the majority of the people I know, wonder what its like to work in the social media marketing for a ad agency, then here’s a little glimpse into my world.

A social media strategist's best friendEvery morning my day starts by cuddling my enormous baby Lucy
while she spoons her boyfriend, Monkey. Once she gets tired of me
pestering her I start getting ready and leave the house.





Kellie's commute to her social media strategist careerOn my way to work, jamming out is essential. I am not, nor will I ever
be a morning person. I depend on pumped up music to get me to
the office safely. Really loving that new song by Omi, Cheerleader.
Listen to it!



Stopping for coffee on the way to work at Dunkin DonutsWhen I get close, I have to (not want to) stop at Dunkin’ Donuts
because it is right there. It is staring at me every morning saying,
“We know you’re tired. Come get coffee, you deserve it.” And I
give in. But don’t worry, I never ever regret it.



The desk of a social media strategist is loaded with screensOnce I sit down at my desk, the fun begins! I power up my army of
necessary electronics and start stalking all of the social media profiles
we manage. (If you are wondering if my desk always looks that neat or
if I cleaned right before the photo, the answer is that I am completely
OCD about keeping my workspace tidy!)



Creative brainstorm at The Cyphers Agency Now that everything is calm in the social media world, I usually meet
with the team (Creative & Accounts) to talk about any new campaigns we
have or brainstorm about a project that is in progress. There is a lot of
collaboration in my world and I love it. It makes my content so much better
and we have fun working together.



Taking a break for a salad lunchAfter doing all that thinking, it’s time to eat. My go-to place was SaladWorks
but the one near us just shut down. I am still getting over it so I am not going to
discuss my new lunch plans since they suck comparatively.




Checking in on social media status with Hootsuite Back to work! I need to make sure that nothing has gone haywire in my absence.
Thank goodness for tools like Hootsuite and my iPhone to keep track of everything!




Monitoring social media accounts and working out I forgot to mention that while I am monitoring our social accounts, I start my
afternoon workout. Yes, my pants don’t match my shoes, and yes, everyone in
the office makes fun of me. But hello, I am burning calories while I work.
Multitasking at its finest.






Social media inspiration materials And when I need some inspiration to come up with an amazing Facebook
post or tweet or to stay current on what’s going on in the industry, I turn
to some reading materials.




Back to Columbia, MD after a good day After checking our social sites one last time, I hit the road and head back
to Columbia. Most nights I listen to music, but some rides home are spent
strategizing for the next day with one of our Account Executives. If you can’t tell,
I really am all about multi-tasking to save time.

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