7 Steps for Creating a Clever Reply

We’ve all been there- a comment pops up on one of your posts and it calls for brainstorming a clever reply. But where to start? We’re sharing our tried and true method for coming up with a reply that will have readers giggling and groaning from jealousy.

1. Ignore your initial thought.

If you’re hoping to make a stand out reply, don’t go with the first thing that pops into your head. You want to give some time to creating a reply that is funny, original and shows your brand’s personality.

Animated gif expressing Pause

2. Think of a funny reply that would work but you would never use.

Next, we recommend harnessing your inner comedian and thinking of a funny reply that may even be borderline sarcastic or snarky. This step is key because it will help you see the potential of the reply but gives you a chance to reel it in and add your brand’s tone.

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3. Combine your replies from #1 and #2 .

With your brand’s tone in mind, take your initial reply and your comedic reply and find the sweet spot that blends them both together.

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4. Phone a Friend

It never hurts to get a second opinion! Run your humorous and relevant reply by someone else on your team for constructive criticism. This gives you the chance to get another creative brain involved and take your reply to another level.

Animated gif of talk show host saying Well, what do you think of that?

5. Run it by someone else.

Now that two people have worked on crafting this glorious reply, send it or say it to someone else. This allows you to hear it being said to someone else and if they’re not fully involved in the account, they can provide an unbiased opinion. If they give you the thumbs up, great! If not, make adjustments as needed and read it back to them.

Actor speaking to a crowd and looking around for help from someone else

6. Consider Emojis

Emojis can take your response from great to wow when used correctly. Try out a few emojis, see which you like best or if they’re not the right move for this post. Whatever you do, do not over-emoji. Two emojis would be the max we recommend when you want your content to shine.

7. Post

Once you have edited and added emojis if needed, it is time to send this clever reply. Give your collaborator and editor a high five for a job well done and embrace the awesomeness that is your reply.

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