3 CPG Social Media Campaigns That Are Doing Something Right

The Consumer Packaged Goods or CPG market is a booming one. Valued at approximately 2 Trillion dollars, as a marketer it can be a bit overwhelming. Although the CPG market is somewhat saturated, some companies have gone above and beyond to make their product stand out using social media. Here are three brands that we believe are using social media to their advantage.

  1. Skittles: The Skittles Facebook account is unlike anything I have every seen before. They have really tapped into their particular audience and it is working. They currently have more than 25 million people on their page, and 90k+ people talking about them. How did they do this? They engaged their consumer by making 5822_10152475790858475_474397604_ntheir page fun.  For the Skittles social accounts its not about the sale- it’s about the experience. They currently have an ongoing campaign called My BFF (best fan forever). This campaign allows fans to post a picture of themselves with Skittles on the wall to have the chance to be featured as the BFF for the week. This is a simple, and cost effective way to get consumers actively engaged and talking about the brand. Not only do they upload a photo of themselves, but they take the time to pose with the product-brilliant.
  2. Dove: By now, most people have seen Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches on Youtube, if you haven’t you should really check it out.  The premise was to ask women to describe themselves to a sketch artist, and then to have a stranger describe that same person. The outcome was that most women described themselves in a less attractive light.  Dove is a brand that represents real women, and strives to make women all over the world recognize their own beauty- the real beauty sketches campaign really exemplified this. The real beauty here lies within in the reach of this campaign. Not only did the video itself get 55,201,018 views, but Dove also cross promoted the campaign with the hashtag #WeAreBeautiful starting multiple conversations on Twitter. This campaign worked because it started an honest conversation, and gained the trust of the target audience.
  3. Murphy’s Oil Soap: I know,I know Murphy’s Oil is what your Grandmother uses to clean her floors- they certainly cannot be well versed in social media. I’ve  gotta4f3d9d23f09808f93f44ce9f497578a1 say  they have surprised us all. This past April, Murphy’s Oil teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation to host a really cool Pinterest fundraising campaign. Murphy’s Oil created this Pinterest page with the intention of donating $1 (up to $20,000) to the Arbor Day Foundation for every repin. Not only did this campaign helpraise money for a worthy cause, it also created brand awareness and loyalty.

Although the CPG market can be difficult to navigate, many companies are beginning to see the value in a well organized social media campaign. If nothing else, social media and word of mouth marketing help to get your brand’s name out there. If you’re lucky enough to be as successful as these three campaigns, you will surely stand out.


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