YouTube or Podcast, what is right for your Trade Association?

YouTube or Podcasting should be a question asked by a trade association looking to expand their reach, online presence, and organization’s message. Before you choose whether to create a Youtube or podcast channel, decide what content you would like to present. Is it educational, entertainment, or an announcement? Will this be an ongoing series? Here are some things to consider when you are deciding whether YouTube or a podcast is the right platform for your trade association.

Learning from YouTube

Attention span

Keep in mind the attention span of your audience. The average viewing time for YouTube is 10 minutes or less while a person is likely to listen to a podcast for 45-60 min. Let’s dive deeper into that data. The YouTube viewer is in for 10 min or less but, most likely, they are fully engaged with what they are watching. Consider adding short concise content, like a service message or commercial to your YouTube channel. Announcements like new mission statements or organization messages would work well with the short video format.

The podcast listener can be in it for the long haul. At 45-60 minutes of listening time, the audience is paying attention longer to your message. However, that attention is more than likely divided. Podcast enthusiasts are often listening during other activities such as driving or exercising.

Podcasts lend themselves well to long-format shows. A conversation or interview with industry experts would be perfect for audio. Your audience can listen to your message while working from home or cooking meals.

Some questions to consider:

Do you need visual assets to get your message across? Another argument for YouTube is whether or not charts, imagery, or recorded information will be needed.

Filming video

Will this new endeavor be a series? Consider filming your podcast interviews. The ultimate goal should be to have a YouTube channel and a Podcast. “Meet the _” can be your new series featuring a new expert every episode. Depending on your equipment and forethought on production you can start posting the interviews via YouTube and podcasts.

Are you aiming for a younger audience? Consider YouTube for your distribution channel.YouTube is often the first stop when searching online for an answer to a question. If YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, no matter your industry, people will be searching for content related to your topic.

Most important

If you decide to send your message out via podcast or video, make sure you bring personality and passion to your show. Your sincerity will resonate and connect you with your audience.

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