Why Your Financial Website Needs to be Up to Date with Design Trends

Your financial website needs to be up to date with the latest design trends to help convert visitors to members. During your next update or website reboot keep the following suggestions in mind.

Mobile friendly

Responsive design has been around for years. If your site doesn’t respond and adapt to mobile devices, your institution is in danger of appearing behind the times. According to the ABA Banking Journal, over a third of American households are using their mobile devices to access their bank accounts. Keep this in mind when building your website.

Keep the navigation intuitive and straightforward with information easy to find with a few clicks. Use white space to give your site breathing room for transitioning from desktop to mobile. This allows the added benefit of your audience getting to their destination quickly.


The photos and concept can set the tone of your site and what your financial institution offers before the viewer reads the first word. Use imagery to talk directly to your audience. If you specialize in servicing the military, positive scenes with individuals in uniform will quickly let a potential customer know who you specialize in. Your site doesn’t have to look overly corporate. Clear language and concise statements are reinforced with well-chosen imagery. Relate to your audience on a personal level to garner trust right away.

Clear paths and calls to action

Use minimalistic layouts to make complex financial topics easier to navigate. Clear visual elements like symbols and icons guide the audience to the information they are looking for and ultimately to conversion. Create paths for the browser so they land on calls to action. The fewer clicks the better. Concise statements and easy to see buttons will guide your users to where they need to be. Build your pages to convert non-members to members.

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