What Makes a Successful Influencer Campaign

In today’s highly-competitive hospitality market, a common question from clients is “How can we reach mass consumers on a limited budget?” This question came up as Blue Water Development tasked us with raising awareness, and ultimately reservations, at their three, luxury, resort-style RV campgrounds located on the Eastern Shore of Delaware and Virginia. Since customary digital and traditional marketing had not produced good results, they were open to new ideas, such as an influencer.

Blue Water prides themselves in delivering a great camping experience for family and friends. Their waterfront properties not only provide a range of lodging opportunities, from RV sites, to cottages to tent camping, but also many on-site amenities to keep kids and adults entertained throughout their stay.

We realized an influencer outreach strategy was an ideal way to maximize consumer exposure. To start, we defined an “all-inclusive” package that would attract interest from targeted influencers: a 3-night stay, complimentary meals and drinks during their stay, complimentary rental and activity fees for all resort activities, and a planned excursion to a nearby attraction. In exchange, the influencers were asked to share their experience with their network through photos, videos, blogs, review sites, etc.

Then the research began. Our goal was to compile a list of at least 25 regional influencers whose focus was RV/camping, family travel, and general outdoor recreation. Secondly, we analyzed their blog and social activity to ensure they not only had a healthy audience but more importantly an engaged and active audience across all channels. When the research was done, our final target list included 40 influencers.

Through a series of personal emails and follow-ups with each influencer, we introduced the “all-inclusive” package offer and the rest of the properties’ amenities. We ultimately received responses from ten interested influencers! We closely coordinated the details of their stay with the property and followed up to ensure they were enjoying the experience as promised.

One particular influencer, East Coast Beauty and Style blogger Cori Ingrassia, shows the marketing power of a happy influencer. She transformed the experience she had with her husband and three children into beautiful, engaging content, becoming a true brand ambassador for our client:

  • A beautiful blog including 21 photos
  • A professional-level 10-minute YouTube video that garnered 2,000+ views:
  • A Facebook post linking to her blog and video.
  • 6 Instagram posts that collected 883 cumulative likes and 65 cumulative comments:

See more results from this successful influencer campaign spanning Blue Water Development’s RV resorts – Resort at Massey’s Landing, KOA Chincoteague Island, KOA Chesapeake Bay/Cape Charles (formerly Sunset Beach Resort).

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