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Trade Association Rebrand Challenge

Grains Food Foundation Trade Association RebrandingThe Grain Foods Foundation (GFF), like many trade and commodity groups, serves diverse audiences, from doctors and dietitians to consumers, the media and their own member companies. Creating a cohesive brand identity for an association is therefore particularly challenging. It is no wonder they had developed various logos and looks over time, including a separate web presence for the trade and one for consumers. However, our research and strategy did reveal a common thread across all of their audiences; the shared belief that everybody needs grain food to enjoy a happy and healthy life. In simple terms, the proper positioning for GFF, therefore, was: the group of thought leaders and advocates for all grain foods.

For the new brand, our creative team selected colors that give a natural, earthy feel more consistent with the origins of grain. The tagline “Come to the Table” with an actual table and bowl of grain helps convey that GFF brings these groups together toward a common goal. The logo is at once hands joining and a stalk of wheat, all in a thought bubble, further dramatizing GFF’s role convening thought leaders and advocates.

Grains Food Foundation Trade Association Branding

The website, under development now, includes a simple animation on the homepage to drive home the value GFF brings to each audience. Illustrated fly-out menus are one clever solution to intuitively present the breadth of information on the site. Another is the fully responsive design, such as the recipe database displayed in a visual grid.

While some associations absolutely require brand distinctions and separate websites for different audiences, if we can capture the essence of a brand in a way that speaks to all audiences at the same time, it delivers a powerful message. Each audience gains a bit more appreciation for the association’s breadth of influence and a more nuanced understanding of its role across its industry.

Grains Food Foundation Recipes Website Design

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