The most important part of a marketing campaign: a GREAT microsite

MHIP MicrositeEffective marketing campaigns capture consumers and create interest in a product or service. The most successful integrated campaigns strategically direct these interested consumers to a microsite devoted to the specific campaign messaging/content, rather than dumping consumers on their big and scary corporate site. But that doesn’t mean that you can just slap up a landing page or website and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done. A strategic microsite is the most important part of the marketing campaign because this is often the place where you actually capture leads. If you have a poor quality microsite, you’ll have poor quality leads and low conversion rates. If you have a weak microsite, you could actually drive people away from your brand. Here are a few content tips to make a GREAT microsite that will make for a GREAT campaign:

1. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE – The microsite should be so simple to use. If my little cousin in the 5th grade cannot find her way around, it’s too complicated!  People want to come and find what they are looking for right away, with no thinking involved (heaven forbid we use our brains, right?!). If they cannot find what they want in a matter of seconds – see you later, alligator.

2. Clear and Concise – Not only should your navigation be simple and intuitive, but the content on the site should be simple as well. Use short, snappy, easy-to-understand language to make everything clear and concise. Tell the consumer what they want to know without filler content. No one like to sift through big words and too much romance copy, nor do they like to scroll for hours (too much physcal activity for your pointer finger!).

3. Bullets and Graphics – If at all possible, use bullets and/or graphics as much as you can to clearly explain information or processes. If a pretty picture can explain something better than a chunk of copy, go with that instead. If the consumer has to sift through tons of information and words to find what they want – after a while, crocodile.

4. Call to Action – A clear call to action will allow you to finish the deal.  Now that the consumer has done their research and are ready for the next step, you need to show them the way.  Whether it is a simple online store or an easy-to-use contact form, a clear call to action on the site will help convert leads into actual sales. Don’t leave them hanging and wondering “Where do I go now?”

A solid microsite has ALL the information the consumer needs right there, easy to find and easy to understand. A pleasant experience on your website will turn your web traffic into leads. Of course beyond the content, there are design elements that make up a great microsite.

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