The Cyphers Agency WOM team grows even stronger

The Cyphers Agency is proud to announce an important addition to our team! Jocelyn Rimbey has been working as an intern in our Word of Mouth (WOM) department for over six months, and has been instrumental in our success. We decided she was too good to just be an intern, so we’ve hired her full time! Her official title is now “Word of Mouth Coordinator.”

Jocelyn went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio (not to be confused with Ohio State University). She majored in Creative Advertising and Branding, with a focus in Marketing. She loves accents, bows, French hats (see below) and coffee. Among her many WOM talents, she’s  especially good at writing blog posts.

As a Word of Mouth Coordinator, Jocelyn will be responsible for spreading the word about our clients. This can involve developing blogger relationships, posting on online forums, managing ambassador programs, guerilla marketing, running flashmobs, or any other creative ideas we come up with. We are constantly impressed with her writing, creative thinking, proactive attitude, and eagerness to learn.

Congratulations Jocelyn, we’re glad to have you!

Here are a couple of pictures of Jocelyn so you all can get acquainted:

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