The Client Encyclopedia

There are a million joys of working at an ad agency. Some of them include birthday parties, scooters, a creative work environment, and passionate coworkers. Another main perk is that we get to work with a variety of clients. Being full service, we aren’t niched in a certain industry which means we work with an endless variety of clients, and we like it that way.

Working with all of these clients creates a unique environment where no two days are the same. And not only does it allow us to flex our creative and organizational muscles, it forces us to learn endless information about the most intimate and detailed of intricacies. Regardless if you are a suit, creative, or something in between, every one of our clients has a different nuance. We not only learn about what their company does, who they want to be, or who their audience is, we learn about their industry, business techniques, logistics, product details, and more. It becomes our second nature and allows us to pick up where the client may have left off.  It is by far one of the best things about working at an agency like ours.

Here are some of my favorite entrees that I’ve added to my own ad agency encyclopedia:

– On Superbowl Sunday 1.25 billion chicken wings will be eaten in America, which would stretch 221,456 miles, a quarter of the way to the moon.

– The difference between a label saying NO MSG and NO MSG ADDED is that NO MSG ADDED means that MSG was not directly added but there can still be MSG remnants in the product as it can naturally occur in other ingredients.

– Companies who deal with account cancellations hire third-party verification companies because those canceling are legally required to speak to a live person.

– The time it takes to get your financial aid/scholarship refund depends on the individual loan or grant institution. Once it posts to your student account, the school has 14 days to process it.

– If you have an awkward bathroom space, the best way to create an open and comfortable shower is to use custom frameless glass shower doors.

– Everything you will ever need to know about health insurance… plus some.

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