Swag with Swag

Swag with Swag

Many of you probably have heard of ADP — you know the brand that most likely handles your company’s payroll. As one of our clients, ADP came to us with a unique challenge: changing the perception of ADP among graduating college cloud engineering students.

ADP’s IT Department frequents college job fairs across the country and finds the perception of ADP to be a giant obstacle in recruiting these young and talented college graduates. They tend to be viewed as a straight-laced, button downed, conservative company – not attractive to these young up-and-coming cloud engineers.  We took on the challenge of showcasing what the work life at ADP is really like despite these preconceived perceptions – a fun, hip and interesting place to work.

Our solution: create fun t-shirts to give out at these jobs fairs as swag (because who doesn’t love swag). The t-shirts dramatize all the great things about working at ADP. Check out the designs:

Flex Your Tech Pecs T-shirt design for ADP

Those other guys don't know the cloud from their paradigm shift tshirt


No one does IT like ADP tshirt


Mighty IT-y tshirt

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