Social Media Toolbox: Three Easy Steps to Great Search Engine Optimization

In our last post, we highlighted the art of driving traffic to a website. Contests and micro sites are both effective ways to do this, but here are three easy steps to simple search engine optimization.

1. Find

Locate useful keywords using the Google Keyword Tool. You can find keywords based on a number of criteria, such as related site content or geographic location. Once you enter the words or phrases you think your audience is searching for, check out the results. Similar keywords show up, noting popularity, competition, volume of traffic, etc. Choose which keywords you think will work best for you. Avoid ones that might have a negative impact. 

2. Tag

Take those keywords found using the Google Keyword Tool and put them to use. These can be distributed among blogs, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, and more. This way, your online presence will be easier to find when people search for any of the keywords you use. For example, The Cyphers Agency Flickr photo stream is tagged with keywords like “Maryland advertising” or “Annapolis ad agency”. If someone searches these terms in Flickr, our photo streams appear.

3. Track

After putting your keywords to use, keep an eye on their impact. A tool like Google Analytics can keep this kind of detailed information. It helps keep track of where the visitors are coming from, how they reached your website, etc. Overall, this tool makes it easy to keep updated and informed on online activities you wish to track.

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