Quotes of the Week: Holiday Weight Gain Edition

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, goodwill toward men, and all that other good stuff.  It is also the time of year when most of us concede to the fact that we’ll be covered up until April and decide to put on our “winter weight.”

In honor of this, we here at The Cyphers Agency, have put together a special edition of our Quotes of the Week feature comprised of our personal feelings on holiday weight gain.

Here are some of our favorites from before and after the holiday break:

Before the break:

“I was planning on just wearing a robe for most of Christmas, so that’s fine.”

“I packed mostly dresses for Christmas – pants are not on the agenda.”

“My jeans are really tight today and it’s not even Christmas yet!”

“I’m gonna be fat when I get back from Christmas, just letting you know.”

“If there’s any chocolate covered pretzels, I’m on that!”

“I think you should just go ahead and wait to start your “fitting into your pants” diet until AFTER Christmas.”

“We’re all gonna look so different when we get back…and by that I mean fat!”

After the break:

“My resolution is to lose a ton of weight so I can wear something other than my husband’s new Snuggie.”

“I tried on so many outfits this morning; it took me a while to get enough layers on to cover up my grossness.”

“I’m just not buttoning my jeans today, not even gonna try.”

“I’m not even gonna try and cover it up, I’m just like…yes world, these are my thighs.”

We hope that you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did.  We’re looking forward to more fun [and awesome quotes] in 2011!

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