The Impact Not Responding on Social Media Has On Your Brand

Not responding on social media can do damageResponding on social media is a crucial component to social media marketing. Customers often use social media to voice their complaints with a brand. When it comes to dealing with those complaints, brands should have protocol, or at least some idea of how to respond, set up. However, if a brand has does not have a protocol or has chosen not responding as their go to on social media, they are exposing themselves to risk. Not responding to customers on social media is linked to a loss of brand loyalty, an increase in anger from the customer and a lost chance to turn a negative to a positive.

Loss in Brand Loyalty

A study from Sprout Social noted that 30% of people will go to a competing company if a brand does not respond to them. Can you blame them? Customers hate being ignored. Whether it is in the store or through social media, the best way to annoy a customer is to complete ignore and dismiss their concerns. Most people will give the brand one week to respond, but once that week has passed and no response is given, business will be lost. On the flip side, not responding to upset customers will also show potential customers your customer service standard, or lack thereof. Social media is a very public platform, because of that any company that has social media account for marketing purposes cannot afford to ignore or delete customer complaints.

Escalate the Problem

Customers who take to social media to share their experience with a brand are usually angry and have already had a negative experience with the company’s more traditional methods of customer service. Conversocial found that when customers are ignored by a brand, 45% are likely to become even more upset and 27.1% will stop doing business with the brand completely. Not to mention, ignoring a customer can give them more to complain about and hold against your brand in the future.

Lost Opportunities

One of the best reasons for a brand to respond to a complaint seems is the chance to turn a negative situation into a positive. You don’t have to have the answer to all of their problems, simply acknowledging and attempting to solve their problem is appreciated by most customers. A study by Maritz reported that 83% of customers that received a reply from a brand, liked or loved it. Oracle found that 22% of customers that received responses then went on to post something positive about the brand.

Social media comes with a lot of responsibility. If a brand is going to use social media for marketing purposes, they need to be prepared to cover every aspect of the platform, especially responding to comments and messages. When brands choose not to respond to complaints and concerns from customers they’re sending an even larger message of what they think of customer service. Preserving or even improving upon your customer service standards is simple, answer the people who help keep you in business because if they all get pissed and leave, where will that leave your brand?

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