No Cruelty in Beauty: Effective Anti-Fur Ads?

Here in the office, we are always coming across interesting or intriguing pieces of ad work. It often spurs a moment or two of discussion. This one got us talking.

Often times, anti-fur ads are extremely graphic in nature (like this one – but beware, it is intense), alienating both the target audience (people who wear fur) and people with weak stomachs. People are prone to stiff arm the ads that make them feel uncomfortable or that cast them villains in their own lives. The anti-fur ads below are a bit different – they drive home the point without being too graphic. And because of the mannequin nature of the characters in the ads, consumers can become detached in a way that allows us to get the message without being alienated.

What do you think? Are these ads successful, or do the graphic anti-fur ads work better?

Ad Messages

Ad Messages

Ad Messages

Via I Believe in Adv.

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