The Importance of Great Food Photography for Your Brand

The Importance of Great Food Photography for Your Brand

It’s really important to take great photos of our food. Let’s all agree on this, for the sake of our appetites and the sake of our brands. There are so many levels at which we experience a photo. The basic human need for food draws us into a brand image of food, while our more complex thoughts about “what food should look like” can control our feelings.

Bad Food Photography
Photo Credit: callme_crochet via Compfight cc

If your brand is using poor photography then the consumer is going to associate it with your brand. We see it all the time on restaurant Facebook pages. All be it, the local restaurant may not have the budget for great photos, but any business needs to strive for this. Especially in this day and age when we have access to great cameras at reasonable cost. A blurry, poorly lit photo of your daily special could translate to a loss in sales. A recent article in National Geographic advises, “When thinking about food photography, don’t just consider the finished product on the plate or the people eating it. Look at the ingredients—perhaps there’s a beautiful photograph waiting to be made.” There is so much power in food that it’s too easy to squander it. With the right photographer and a well focused campaign the potential impact for your brand is huge.

Food Photography for Food Marketing
Photograph by Penny De Los Santos for National Geographic

Fortunately for The Cyphers Agency, we have had the opportunity to work with brands that care about the product and the way it’s represented through photos. We work with Southeastern Mills to get great recipe and product photos of Better Than Bouillon to help their brand achieve a tasteful (pun intended) and meaningful presence.

Better Than Bouillon - Chicken Soup
Bad Food Photography
Photo Credit: Lalich Resources Inc.

You can’t understate the power of a great photo.

Bonus food-photo fun:

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