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I’m entertained, but that doesn’t mean it’s good advertising.

Our reputation is based on our creativity. That doesn’t sound very unique for an ad agency to say but it’s all about how you define creativity. Many creatives lean towards a dramatic visual as the definition of creative. Others lean toward provocative copy. Very few put the two together. Even fewer support the visual or copy to show the advantage of the product. One of the ad giants of the industry once said: an interesting image would be a man standing on his head. I agree it would catch the eye but then what? Unless you’re selling a product that keeps things from falling out of that man’s pocket, it’s just an image that has no meaning.

Take a look at the ad campaigns out there. Whether it be a billboard or a banner ad, I ask you to look for this: Can you identify the unexpected, dramatic element in each ad and determine if it passes the test for relevance? Does the entertainment overshadow or fail to deliver the sales message?

In this list of  “50 extraordinary and attractive billboards,” we could only find a few ads that are entertaining AND relate that image to the product and/or message (see below).

Here are a few of our ads from our Flickr Photostream. We are confident in our ability to use eye-catching creative that means something to your audience.

The Cyphers Agency Work

All ad agencies can claim creativity. Unfortunately for some, creativity simply means entertainment. Open your mind.

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