An Inside Look: If You Build It, They Will Come

“So how’s work?”

We all hear it all the time. It’s a reliable small-talk thing to say when you run into someone in a parking lot and feel obliged to make conversation so it doesn’t turn completely awkward.

My response is usually not far off from the above (awesome cartoon compliments of an agency favorite, Hyperbole and a Half). While I have been learning lots of cool stuff at The Cyphers Agency, I try to not talk people’s ears off about the advertising industry. Still, the truth is, sometimes you (if you are anything like me) just have to toot your own horn. So lately, when I’m asked, “How’s work?”, instead of a pat answer that hurries our obligatory small talk session along, I turn into That Girl who blabbers about her awesome job when you are just trying to do your grocery shopping.

I Have A Sweet Gig.

It’s just that there is so much awesome stuff happening right now. For example – you may recall that we launched the “I Love Chicken” contest a couple of months ago. From my first day here, I hit the ground running to make this contest a success and create buzz for The National Chicken Council. Our work to promote the contest ran the gamut from Facebook fan page outreach to online public relations. The contest has really taken off – the videos that people are sharing have been seriously great!

The Power of Word of Mouth

This just proved to me again how powerful word of mouth can be. While we do a lot of integrated marketing at The Cyphers Agency, our marketing efforts for the “I Love Chicken” contest took place entirely online. That approach turned out to be perfect for finding fans of chicken who were excited to create their own awesome content and share it online. I’ve been able to experience firsthand the fruits of good online marketing practices – if you have a product or brand people love, all you have to do is create an inviting platform for them to participate in it, and they will come. The “Pull” side of “Push-n-Pull”, if you will.

It really does feel great to see that your hard work on a campaign is paying off. It’s been hugely validating and gets me amped up about what we do here. Every time a new video rolls in, I feel like a proud parent, and so yes, that’s why I can’t shut up about it. So next time you run into me somewhere, you might want to avoid asking about work.

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