How non-profits can grow their subscriber list for email marketing

The nonprofit industry is constantly evolving, which makes connecting with your target audience a crucial component . Email marketing has long been an effective tool that allows businesses and organizations to connect with their audience. But your email marketing is only as good as the list you have.  With a strong email list, your campaigns can build engagement, attract donors, and foster lasting relationships.

Here are a few list-building strategies to keep in mind: 

Use social media to build your email list: social media is one of the fastest ways to promote your organization. By using social media to promote your email list, you can create a post that links the subscribers page that includes a graphic that shares a message or has a call to action. With an eye-catching graphic linking to your signup page, this can entice users to want to learn more about the organization.  Social media also allows posts to be pinned to the top of your profile, so new followers can engage and find out more. In addition, boosting or doing a small paid promotion behind your post can help you reach a larger demographic or audience. 

Make it easy to sign up: it’s important to make all your data and engagement tools accessible to your audience, so they can easily stay up to date with news and announcements about your organization. A few best practices for easy sign ups include ensuring your email newsletter is mobile-friendly, include donation buttons or sign-up links in all your online marketing materials, and always make sure the email sign up option is visible on your website, social media posts, blogs, etc. Some organizations have even gotten creative by including an email sign up option in their digital communication, such as text alerts. 

Collect email addresses at events: a traditional tactic that we’re all familiar with is collecting emails during events by asking for this information during the registration process. You can make this optional or required for attendees to provide their email address. If emails are being collected at an event, it’s always a best practice to inform attendees they will begin receiving email alerts from your organization. 

Overall, nonprofits can be faced with many challenges when deciding the best way to spend their marketing dollars, however, email marketing continues to be one of the most cost-efficient marketing tools. Ultimately, building your email list can help with increasing members, donations, and your overall email campaign engagement rate. 

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