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Have you heard of the Social Media Will?

Dead twitter birdFor small business owners, have you ever thought to yourself, if I died, who would take care of my business’ social media accounts?  Most likely not, your plan probably includes financials and who takes over the business. But with this shift in how much social media plays a role in how businesses connect with others, it’s become pertinent that you include this as another check box on your list. The US government actually suggests that you write up a “social media will” Check out this information on digital wills on Wikipeda. This is aimed at more personal accounts, but I think it’s very relevant for small businesses. You should make sure that all facets of your business are taken care of so your legacy can live on. On a personal level, I’m an organizer and a closer and I would be rolling in the grave if I knew there were loose ends that haven’t been taken care of. Now that I think about it, I may need to do some clean up before I allow anyone access to mine…

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