Executing An Effective Employer Branding Paid Media Campaign  

Employer branding is more than just a recruitment strategy. Planning for this type of campaign requires a company to truly establish themselves as a highly desirable place to work within their community by defining what aspects of their career offerings make them the best option and sets them apart from competitors. Below are a few key ad approaches that focus on enhancing an employer’s reputation: 

LinkedIn Ads 

While there are sponsored job posts available through LinkedIn where you can simply boost a listing for a particular position, a more effective way to position your company as an ideal workplace is to place an ad. Through the platform’s Campaign Manager, you can run a recruitment ad with a consideration objective focused on website visits. The ad itself can then be formatted into either a single-image, carousel of multiple images, or video ad, focusing on the portrayal of a fulfilling career at the company regardless of the specific role.  

Don’t forget a call to action that takes the potential candidate to a landing page, preferably with a vanity URL that is easy to remember such as “companyname.careers.org” to provide further information. This landing page could include a more detailed description of who the company is and what they do, why a career there provides fulfillment, the benefits offered, and testimonials from current employees. There should then be a secondary link leading applicants to another page that displays currently open positions and how to move forward with applying if ultimately interested.  

Nextdoor Ads 

Nextdoor is another great platform for this type of campaign because it allows you to connect directly with the people living in the local communities near your business. Utilizing a platform like Nextdoor allows you to tap into its trust and authority as an established space for neighbors to ask each other questions, have conversations, and give recommendations. There are three types of ads available, each focused on different goals including increasing website visits, promoting a sale or discount, or receiving more messages. Therefore, the objective should be the same as LinkedIn with the hope to use strategic visuals and copy to convert a call to action to visits to the vanity URL landing page. Nextdoor also allows specialized location targeting by city and actual neighborhoods in those cities, demographic segmentation, and interests to make the ad more engaging and relevant to your audience in order to help find ideal prospects. 

Example Employer Branding Campaign Creative from Hospice of the Chesapeake

Podcast Ads 

Podcast advertising is another unique approach when implementing an employer branding strategy as this medium can directly reach both active and passive jobseekers at scale in all aspects of the recruitment marketing funnel. Many media vendors that a company can work with to place these types of ads will help them achieve a true employment brand by targeting people listening to relevant podcasts in new and growing markets, general and specialized talent pools, and those with urgent hiring needs. Audio messaging in these types of ads should be similar to the visual ads described above by including compelling language such as how a career with your company will help you make a difference and create meaningful connections, while bringing balance back to your life.  

Job seekers take the reputation of a company very seriously when considering their next career move; therefore, an influential and effective employer branding campaign should continue to be a priority for all corporations that hope to onboard top, new talent on an ongoing basis as positions become available. 

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