Elevate Event Marketing with these Tactics and Strategies (Part 1 of 2)

Event marketing is an essential component of a successful marketing strategy for businesses and associations of all sizes. Whether it’s a conference, trade show or corporate event, the ability to engage your existing audiences and attract new ones is crucial. Event marketing is about creating excitement and anticipation to increase attendance and participation. Here are handful of different tactics and strategies you can utilize to make event marketing campaigns impactful.

    Text Messaging

    Text message marketing is a direct channel to your customers and prospects allowing you to create and send tailored messages. On average text messages have a 98% open rate within 5 minutes of receiving the message regardless of a sales or personal message. And for many, text is becoming the preferred method of communication over a phone call or email. Text messages are largely effectively when you have a message that demands an immediate response such as early bird/last chance rates, exclusive deals, contests, surveys, etc. and include a direct link for the user to act.[/caption]

    There are a range of text message service providers available such as Simple Texting and EZ Texting. Both provide unlimited contacts, 24/7 support, integration with email providers (e.g., Mailchimp or Constant Contact), and reporting.   

    Voice Messaging

    In addition to text messaging, newer direct to voicemail technology has become available that allows a call to be delivered directly to your customer and prospects mobile and/or landline voicemail in just minutes. You simply prerecord and upload your message, upload your recipient list, and schedule your voicemail.

    When recording audio messages, you can record directly from your phone or upload an audio message. Don’t like the sound of your voice, no problem. Services like Fiverr connect you with thousands of voiceover talent that can record your message within hours. Or, if budget and timing are tight, programs like WellSaid is an AI (artificial intelligence) voice platform that creates voiceover from text within minutes.

    The one downside to direct to voicemail is that you can only show metrics for how many voicemails were delivered but given the low-cost investment, it’s worth the added exposure.

    Mobile Geofencing

    Geofencing campaigns are a unique way to deliver your message to your audience when you know where they’ll be and when. Allowing you to target specific locations, geofencing is an inexpensive way to reach your audience. For event marketing specifically, there is a high likelihood that your audience will be attending or exhibiting at other industry events with similar interests. With geofencing, you can target the location (e.g., convention center, hotel, etc.) where the event is being held and deliver ads to those in attendance for the duration of the event.

    It’s important to note that geofencing is only mobile-friendly, so you’ll want your audience to instantly recognize your brand. Creative should be eye-catching, a simple bold headline, and contain a direct call to action, such as “register now” or “sign up today.”

    In conclusion, each tactic and strategy offer its own advantages. It is important in selecting the right combination of strategies to achieve specific event objectives. In today’s fast-paced digital world, The Cyphers Agency plays a vital role in helping businesses and associations leverage various tactics to maximize their event marketing efforts. By utilizing these tactics and strategies, we can make your upcoming event a major success.

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