Do Banner Ads Annoy You?

Many people online really loathe banner ads and find them quite annoying when trying to surf the web. We do know this but we cannot deny the large number of consumers online and the number of hours they spend there. We have to live where they live and be in front of them as much as we can. With the right approach, banner ads can be an effective means of advertising.

First of all, like billboard copy, there are golden rules that need to be followed. Keep it short and simple. Short and simple messages have a stronger focus. Unlike most advertising media, using a question in the copy vs. focusing on a benefit pulls more viewers. Statistics tell us this but give very little rationale as to why. In my opinion, it’s because the majority of these questions contain humor. High volumes of e-commerce happen after five. When the workday ends, people go online to be entertained. What better way to entertain than with humor?

Animate. Animate three times and then STOP. Constantly animating banners are a distraction. Over use of animation is what leads to banner ads to get this bad rap. Most web sites limit animations for this reason.

Always end with the logo or name. If someone doesn’t click on a banner, they might at least notice your company name eventually. Just let it sit there. Banner ads may not be the best tool for creating awareness, but every impression helps.

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