Creativity (cre·a·tiv·i·ty)

Creativity is one of those buzz words that everyone in the marketing world just loves to throw around. In pitch meetings, in brainstorms, in vision statements, everyone touts their ability to live and breathe creativity. But the fact is being creative is a heck of a lot more than the design team developing original, strategic ad concepts. Creativity shouldn’t be relegated to the part of the marketing team in charge of the actual ad executions. It should be a way of thinking that’s integrated into every part of the marketing process.

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Creativity is ideas. Ideas that are a part of every facet of the marketing process. It’s the ability to think up new, better and effective ways to do the ordinary: conduct research, plan media, change opinions, determine positioning, create PR opportunities, stretch budgets and create new relationships. Yes, creativity will always be a part of producing works of art to sell, but it should also solve problems in new ways. Creativity is the ability to see something ordinary in that new way. Truly creative marketers use resourcefulness, originality and vision get the job done right whether they’re doing research, media planning, account management or creative development. That’s what we ask of every Cyphers Agency team member – to approach every task and challenge with a creative mindset. The account staff doesn’t get off easy simply because they don’t do copywriting or design work. Everything on our agency’s collective to do list is an opportunity to think creatively, come up with an inventive solution to a problem, get imaginative with our recommendations and try to inspire each other along the way. Creativity brings the entire agency together. It’s a blend of imagination and execution, thinking and doing.

Don’t be fooled by a simply creative execution. In today’s world the fact is that almost anything is possible with the right technology. Technology and new media tactics are changing consumer behavior, but the heart of marketing is still in the ideas and how we tell a brand’s story. The ideas that come from truly creative marketers are influencing behavior, not simply trying to change it. As long as we remember that creativity is about the ideas, not simply the art, execution, technology or new media options, we will create amazing and enduring ideas TOGETHER.

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