Contests Increase Web Site Traffic

Driving web site traffic is an art. An art that we at The Cyphers Agency have worked hard to perfect. Sometimes driving traffic involves more than using social media and search engine optimization. In addition to those tools, building micro sites is a great tool to use to increase web traffic. Those micro sites often become host sites for contests, which we have recently done for two clients. Contests are another win-win. Participants get entertainment and the opportunity to win a prize, and clients get traffic to their web sites and increase their potential clientele.

We created the “Warman Fuzzy” Photo/Video Contest this spring for Warman Home Care, a home care service provider. We asked participants to submit a photo or video showing what warm and fuzzy meant to them. Once we received all the submissions, we uploaded the photos to flickr and the videos to YouTube, and turned the voting over to the participants.

More than 100 contest participants were trying to win an iPod Touch and iPod Nano, and were spreading the links to friends and family trying to get them to vote for their photo or video on these sites. The result was thousands of photo/video views, hundreds of comments and increased traffic the Warman Home Care web site. And if those contest participants (or their acquaintances) are ever in a position to find a home care provider, who will pop in their head first? Probably Warman Home Care.

With the first contest deemed a success, the second round of the Warman Fuzzy  contest has started, this time in honor of Grandparents Day. With a quick upload and description of a favorite memory with a grandparent or senior, participants can be one step closer to winning an iPod.

Another contest we created for our client, Patrice & Associates, is the “My Job Sucks Contest,” which is hosted on the micro site “Did You Get That Memo.” For this contest, all that participants have to do is submit a story about why their job sucks, and they will be entered to win a cruise!  Entering the contest is just one of the many things that site visitors can do on the site. They can complain about their current job on the “venting wall,”  kill time watching funny office videos, or even get in touch with a Patrice & Associates recruiter, who can help them find a better job.

We don’t suggest contests to clients simply because it would be fun to look at Warm and Fuzzy pictures or because reading the venting wall on is simply hysterical. Although we enjoy looking at Warm and Fuzzy photos and laughing at the funny stories on the venting wall, the bottom line is that contests are effective.

Did You Get That Memo Microsite

Not only do contests help drive traffic to web sites, they are also a way to reach out to new potential clients or customers. Even if the participants don’t need your product or service, when they do, they’ll be likely to remember your name. Contests are also another way for a business to show some personality on the web outside of it’s corporate site.

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