Celebrating the Season (And Our Creativity!)

We love to show off our creativity.  Whether we’re competing to see who can rock the ugliest sweater or creating totally awesome contests for our clients, we know it’s important to keep our creative juices flowing.  Yesterday was no exception.

Our devoted social director and Queen of all that is Fun in the Universe (QOATIFITU), Anna Forbes, challenged us to bring our best graham cracker house building skills in a throw down for the ages. Categories for total domination included:  Best Overall, Best Shanty Town Home, Best Landscaping, and Best Effort. But we all brought our A game.

When all was said and done, and the final votes had been tallied, we all walked away winners.  Sure we were messy (in fact I’m pretty sure Danielle Ali ruined a pair of jeans, and Lucas had icing in his beard), but it’s safe to say that we can consider the 1st Annual Cyphers Agency Graham Cracker House Competition a rousing success.

Head over to The Cyphers Agency Flickr Stream to see more our Gingerbread creations. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it. Oh, and Happy Holidays!

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