Case Study: Grain Foods Foundation employs HARO strategy to gain unprecedented media impressions

In an article earlier this year, we discussed a strategic and proactive PR tactic using reporter online services like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to promote your association’s key messages, leaders, and experts. As a quick recap, subscribing to these online services and actively scanning the daily digests, provides the opportunity for associations to respond to reporter calls for sources and offering experts for potential interviews on relevant topics. 

For our trade association client, Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) and members of its Scientific Advisory Board, this approach has proven very successful in educating nutrition communicators, nutrition influencers, and consumers on the benefits of all grain foods, whole and refined, within a continually challenged consumer market. 

The Sweet Smell of Success…

Building on the momentum of bread and flour acceptance through the pandemic, GFF quickly mobilized its comprehensive pipeline of science-based nutrition messages and experts to raise awareness about the nutritional benefits of consuming grain foods. Through this effort, it became clear that Americans were hungry for both grain foods and facts, and despite being often villainized, grain foods remain a staple in American households. 

Through a mix of paid, earned, and owned media to tell the story, GFF became an expert source and strategically drove the conversation toward the value, versatility, and nutrition of all grain foods resulting in an unprecedented 3 billion media impressions. 1.7 billion of the total media impressions (57%) were a direct result of submitted commentary to HARO queries earning placements in top-tier online publications including Oprah Daily, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, MyFitnessPal, Weight Watchers, PopSugar Family, VeryWell Family, VeryWell Fit, AllRecipes, MSN Lifestyle, Forbes, Yahoo! Life, Huffington Post, Parade, Health Digest, and Eat This, Not That! We look forward to continuing this momentum into 2022. 

There are a number of boxes to check when it comes to raising the visibility of and securing media coverage for your trade association. Whether on your own or with some help, consider this effective PR tactic to keep you and your experts in the media spotlight year-round. 

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