Breaking Through the Beer Clutter

I’m in love with Guinness’ new spot. And not just because it’s got an amazing story to tell with the perfect music bed and a surprise pay off. I’m in love with it because it’s refreshing (no pun intended) to see a beer brand take a different approach in a very crowded marketplace.

These days if you’ve seen one beer commercial you’ve seen them all. I mean, I get it, beer brands are inevitably going to have a lot of the same messages (i.e. people who drink this beer have the best time ever, the beer you choose shows how cool you are, etc.), but do they all have to look and feel exactly the same? It’s always a compilation of beautiful, young people having the time of their lives at a) the bar, b) the beach or c) the big game.

Guinness took a different approach to the execution and it paid off. Not only did they dramatize the message that the choices you make show who you really are, they made it captivating and memorable.

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