Be Near Me – The Benefits of Local Business Advertising

Be Near Me – The Benefits of Local Business Advertising

Christina Drews-Leonard

Christina Drews-Leonard

As an art director and search engine strategist at The Cyphers Agency for over 15 years, Christina seeks to amplify your brand and focuses on enhancing your brand's message on the internet and in other media.

You Are Here Local Business Advertising TipsImprove your local organic search results – Claim and update important local business listings like Yelp and Google Business. Use a local number and remember to include operating hours. This will ensure your listing shows up in mobile search during the hours your business is open.

Mobile searches are local searches
Think with Google’s research has shown that “82 percent of smartphone users research products on their phones when making in-store purchases” People use these micromoments of research to help make their purchase decisions.

What are Micromoments?
Micro moments are those times when we turn to our smartphones when we need something, such as to look up a definition, find a place to eat or research a price. According to Think with Google, “We live in a world where the notion of ambiguity has become a punchline. Turning to our smartphones when we need something—a forgotten word, a better price, a movie time—has become a reflex. We want things right, and we want things right away. As a result, the consumer journey looks markedly different than it did only five years ago. Instead of a few moments of truth, it’s a series of “micro-moments” when we turn to mobile to act on a need. ”

Optimize Your Website for Local Search Terms
People are using search terms such as “closest”, “nearby” and “near me” more and more in mobile searches to find restaurants, stores, and services. With mobile devices it is much easier to find things around us. According to Google, search usage of “near me” has increased 34X since 2011 and nearly doubled since last year. The vast majority come from mobile — 80% in Q4 2014.2

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